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Change-the-landscape web the topic of a very special seminar that is organized by our partner NATURA Foundation. This course is a triple package full of knowledge and no one would want to miss it. 

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Ambient Science
From Dec 4 - 9, Leo Pruimboom, Dr. Bernardo Ortin and Dr. Charles Raison will be giving varous PNI seminars in the ambient abbey complex of Rolduc in Kerkrade, on the Dutch - German border. Each of the speakers is a big name in clinical PNI, not only in the Netherlands but in many different countries all over the world. Its rich history and its value as a listed monument have resulted in the abbey complex being included on UNESCO´s world Heritage List. We are absolutely certrain that you will feel totally at home here.

Different approaches, one science
Whereas Dr. Charles Raison will examine in more depth the most effective pharmacological and behavior-focussed influences on mental and physical health as well as evolutionary explanations, Bernardo Ortin will mainly focus on the philosophical and emotional apsects of our human existance. Leo Pruiboom will introduce you to the latest research and outcomes in neuro-endocrino-anatomy; many present-day chronic disorders can be attributed to disruptions of this balance. In their own way, each of the three speakers show that the most effective PNI approach starts with scientific knowledge of the present, past and the future of human health.

and the end of this fascinating week, you will be familiar with the very latest in clinical psycho-neuro-immunology!

This course is organized by NATURA Foundation